Back to basics

This is my first home student (i also go house to house.. a total of three students there).

I am teaching him add maths, form 5. Linear Equation. The formula is y=mx+c.

Amirul needs to get his basics good. Namely Algebra. Linear Equation is easy, the problem is Algebra. Almost all of the topics requires a good understanding of algebra. If your basic of algebra is poor, it is highly likely that you will have problem with almost all topics covered in Form 4 and Form 5.

So, what am i doing here is strengthening his basic in algebra.

And also when it comes to mathematics, doing a lot of question helps.. a lot. Especially add maths. You cannot read your way to understand. You must do a lot of exercise.


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A student yet again

It was 9.00am, we stopped at esso/mobil just opposite my Sri Ilham apartment and filled in RM20 worth of fuel. With RM1.90 a litre, means i filled just around 10litre of oil to my MyV S.E 3 years old tank. The whether is clear (de weytha is kelia!). It was nice, seems like it the whether is having a hard time deciding wheather it will want to rain or not. The result? Just a wonderful day, not too hot, not too cold. That’s a perfect whether.

I got in inside the car and drove to UTM, i am always the one to drive, not my wife, why? Lets just say that i am more comfortable if i am behind the steering..(or a man.. any man..)

It took us 40kms away from Sri Alam to reach UTM, using the N-S highway, (btw pasir gudang highway is NOT a highway). I parked near the Mechanical faculty, a bit far from the Dewan (that annoyed my wife) just because the memories it brought. I remembered the stairs where we build a working robot (the parts we got from tamiyya!), the canteen that sold “ayam madu” (one time i saw a guy took 3 ayam madu for his lunch! gile btol..) I used to ogle at other girls there, the beautiful ones atleast, but never got one..

I got to DSI, registered, payed RM1270, got my picture taken, and walah! I am a student again! That feels.. good.. I felt young! (wife: abang.. banyak pompuan arab kat utm ni kan.. me: ye.. wife: jage mate ye… me: ok syg…) Ok, maybe not TOO young, that could be dangerous.. (esp to a married man!)

I took a picture (as above). And like any new registered student, i can’t wait to start study! (gilo ko?) Yup, this is what we call spirit of the fire!! (awal2 je ke? Harap tak..) I was careful not to hold my wife hand.. because we are walking in sight with students, it doesn’t look nice.. (bukan nak jage saham eh! Gile ko aku da kawen tau!)

We had lunch at Meranti (peh murah siot, aku makan kat mamak semalam kene RM15, kat sini, makan same je RM7… bukan kedekut.. jimat..) Nice lunch, ayam madu, (madu??) tomato, sayo and kopi o’. Perfect..

Going back, we took a different route, through skudai. It took us 30kms to Sri Alam, thats a difference of 10kms! But that road could have a traffic problem.. All in all, i need to travel 80km to and fro, if the class is 3 times a week, that would be 240kms. Thats a hole in a pocket (my pocket!!)

Anyway, a dream is a dream. And now my dream is becoming a reality, a Master Student!

Salam perkenalan.

The topic for today is Respiration. It is the first topic in your Form 3 Science book, and it is easy… Just pay attention.

First of all, define respiration.

Respiration is a process by which an organism provides its cells with oxygen for metabolism and removes carbon dioxide which is produced as a waste gas.

Now for a cool link. This link is by National Geographic. Here is the link. Take your time to understand it. Click the intro, lung anotomy, lung function and effects of asthma.

To be able to score PMR science in this topic, you must understand;

1. The model of the human respiratory system.

a. By doing nothing the balloons are filled with a little air.

b. By pressing on the bottom, the air is forced out of the balloons.

Compare with this;

– The jar represents the thorax
– The balloons represents the lungs
– The rubber sheets represents the diaphragm
– The Y-shaped tube represents the trachea.

Be sure to check the Vid Gallery to check the videos cikgu manage to find ya!


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