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F3: Chapter 1 – Respiration

Salam perkenalan.

The topic for today is Respiration. It is the first topic in your Form 3 Science book, and it is easy… Just pay attention.

First of all, define respiration.

Respiration is a process by which an organism provides its cells with oxygen for metabolism and removes carbon dioxide which is produced as a waste gas.

Now for a cool link. This link is by National Geographic. Here is the link. Take your time to understand it. Click the intro, lung anotomy, lung function and effects of asthma.

To be able to score PMR science in this topic, you must understand;

1. The model of the human respiratory system.

a. By doing nothing the balloons are filled with a little air.

b. By pressing on the bottom, the air is forced out of the balloons.

Compare with this;

– The jar represents the thorax
– The balloons represents the lungs
– The rubber sheets represents the diaphragm
– The Y-shaped tube represents the trachea.

Be sure to check the Vid Gallery to check the videos cikgu manage to find ya!


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